We are part of a worldwide

We are a Dunedin based group and part of the Masks4all movement. Our aim is to promote mass masking in public spaces to slow the silent spread of Covid-19. We could be infected by Covid-19 but not know it as up to half of the people infected can have no symptoms. Wearing a mask will block the infected droplets when we talk and stop unknowingly infecting the people around us.

Surgical masks, due to shortages should be left for health professionals. Cloth masks are effective at blocking infected droplets. Any layer of cloth in front of our mouth and nose when we go to the supermarkets or on public transport is better than nothing. Use a mask to signal to others we are in a pandemic and as a reminder to maintain hand hygiene and distancing.  

We have been making and donating free masks throughout Dunedin in the past few weeks. 

Support us by wearing a mask in public, donating masks or donating materials!

Become a superhero – wear a mask in public.

‘My mask protects you, your mask protects me.’