Donate masks via facebook

  • Go to our facebook page Masks4allOtago, look under suburbs and find a #co-ordinator within your suburb to make contact with #co-ordinator who will organise distribution within your suburb. 

Donate directly at distribution points

  • Find a distribution point near you by searching in Find Masks.
  • Please bag the masks and print out safety instructions to go inside the masks if you can.
  • If you can’t bag or print out safety instructions, just drop directly at the distribution points.

No Distribution point near you? Consider starting your own!

  • Contact your local supermarket or pharmacy to liase with the manager Re. setting up a distribution box. See example below:
  • Or Contact us to help with contacting new distribution points
  • When you set up a box, please put on the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  and  the POSTER
  • Email us on [email protected] or contact us to let us know the new box is up and running