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  • Wash and dry your mask before first use and after each use (washing machine or handwash, using your usual detergent)
  • If there is a pocket in your mask, a filter made out of folded paper towel or a paper towel and 2 tissues can improve effectiveness
  • WASH YOUR HANDS before you put your mask on
  • Don’t touch your mask or face while wearing a mask.
  • Maintain social distance.
  • If you touch your mask during use, wash your hands or apply hand sanitiser.
  • Remove your mask by the earloops or ties, not the face piece, remove the filter and discard it (if applicable), then WASH YOUR HANDS AND THE MASK.
  • Masks can be collected for batch washing in a plastic bag/ container with a lid and washed with the rest of your laundry, just remember to wash your hands well any time you are handling used masks